A Hassle-Free,
Delivery Service

Get Your Goods
Delivered Instantly

With the nearest Kuuka driver and the optimal route, all picked in real-time.

The Perfect
Courier Service

For Whenever You Want Something Moved

Our solutions are highly customizable. Our drivers, extremely flexible. What this means is a Kuuka driver is ready to pick-up your parcel the moment you complete your request.

What’s more, every delivery—be it a forgotten passport or a customized gift for a friend—is equally important to us. Hence, we ensure that your goods reach where they are supposed to right on time.

On demand moving of goods

Get Scalable Solutions With No Compromise On Quality

Our solutions are easily scalable. With Kuuka, you don’t have to worry about the size of your packages or the quantity. Our smart interface automatically connects you with a Kuuka driver who is the perfect match for your delivery requirements.

If you are a business looking for a customized solution, we’d love to hear from you.

House & Office

Helping you make a smooth move

From complicated business relocations to a more personalised house or apartment shifting, we are there for you with our seasoned-expertise.

Our range of readily available Kuuka drivers will ensure that your belongings and possessions are delivered to their destinations safely.

Our Modes of

Kuuka has a diverse fleet of professional and freelancing drivers working round the clock for you.

For light-weight documents
and parcels.


For small-and-medium
sized goods.

Van or Car

For large or multiple goods.