Saving Christmas With Last-Mile Logistics: Kuuka To Santa’s Rescue.

What is Last Mile Logistics

It has gotten easier than before for consumers to order goods – and harder than ever for retailers to fulfil them. Retailers are hard-pressed to tackle this seasonal demand and reach the orders to their respective customers efficiently, quickly and most importantly, accurately or stand to lose customers and sales both. With brick-and-mortar sales at a decline, a trend fuelled further by the precautionary restrictions brought on by the unprecedented pandemic, more customers are expected to turn to the ease and safety of online shopping than ever seen before.

However, don’t let these challenges daunt your holiday spirit. With the advent of technology and interconnectivity readily available, retailers merely need to innovatively address the anticipated critical points and work on reducing as much of the friction as possible.

How Kuuka’s Last Mile Solutions Can Help Tackle The Seasonal Surge In Sales:


Customers want constant assurances. Assurances that their order will arrive, arrive on time and arrive at their convenience with added expectations of fastest possible delivery and a real-time view on the delivery progress – all made available straight on their mobile screens.

Delivering this kind of experience is more challenging than it might seem since most of their logistics are outsourced to a third-party logistics or a courier service. With a customer-oriented courier service like Kuuka, where transparency with real-time updates and time route optimization, customers can rely on getting their deliveries fulfilled efficiently and at the expected time, even in the holiday season.

2. Same Day Delivery:

Studies show that 23% of users are willing to pay extra for an assured same-day or next-day delivery. In an age where time is premium, it is the need of the hour to chart new innovations that achieve that without burning a hole in the retailers’ budgets.

While experimentation and trial-run continue on autonomous vehicles and remotely operated drones, courier services like ours utilize the next-best innovative strategy at hand – crowdsourcing. A community of freelance drivers, bicycle owners and organised vehicle fleets are matched to deliveries intelligently ensuring that based on the delivery weight, distance and real-time traffic status only the courier that is the best-match is deployed. These couriers are dedicated to complete the delivery as quickly as possible, sometimes even in the same hour.

3. Transparency and Tracking:

Most consumers are within the easy reach of their mobile phones. With eCommerce behemoths like Amazon having perfected their last-mile, concepts of live-tracking and regular delivery updates aren’t a thing of science fiction anymore. What’s more is that if a retailer is unable or unwilling to include it in their last-mile experience, they end up enduring significant reputational damage.

At Kuuka, to ensure that deliveries are fulfilled on the same day, there is a constant need to have an eye on every delivery at all times. This intelligent visibility allows for quick intervention & troubleshooting in case of any hurdle a courier might face in the delivery. Additionally, this also allows customers to have a real-time view on their delivery from the pick-up to the drop-off every second of the way.

The holiday season is no doubt a massive for retailers and couriers, both. It has been made even more challenging post-COVID-19 due to the added factors of more customers anticipated to rely on online shopping to avoid stepping out, the global responsibility of the distributors both to their couriers as well as customers to make their deliveries with minimal contact possible and ultimately to fulfil every delivery correctly in-time without compromising on their quality. It is evident that retailers and courier services will have to work closely to overcome these possible fail-points. The good news is that with courier services like Kuuka which is backed by the best possible technology and state-of-the-art AI, nothing is really impossible.