Difference between a Courier and a Logistics Service

What is Last Mile Logistics

With the rise in e-commerce, we hear terms like courier services, carriers and logistics used a lot – sometimes even interchangeably. However, they don’t mean the same thing and while the end result might look the same, they have their own benefits.

What are the differences?

Courier services are utilized for fast deliveries. Often times, the packages being transported are papers or documents of sensitive nature which need to be handled with care and with a strict time constraint on their deliveries.

While logistics, on the other hand, is the entire process of operations involved in getting goods or packages from one end to another. When organizations use the term logistics they are usually referring to the systems and the technology in place to handle and monitor the flow of all their products and materials moving to and from their end.

Logistics is usually pretty complicated and is capable of handling multiple goods, irrespective of their sizes. A courier company will usually be unable to deliver large goods like, say, furniture as efficiently as it can deliver a piece of paper.

The most definitive difference between logistics and couriers is the type of packages they haul. Logistics companies ship cargos, usually via ships, trucks, aeroplanes or trains. Cargo is slower than sending something via courier, but the goods are not usually time-sensitive in nature so the delay is not of much reputational consequence. However, cargos cannot be constantly tracked and they also generally have low security.

Final distinctive between the two is the price. Although it is cheaper to send a package using logistics than hiring a courier service, investing in a completely functional logistics system is extremely expensive.

Benefits of Hiring a Courier Service like Kuuka:

24x7 Reliable Service:

Courier services are functional on all days of the week and not just on the business days. There is a team of professionals handling and monitoring each parcel vigilantly and in case something happens to a parcel, they dispatch someone to look after it immediately.

Personalised Customer Service:

Since there are constant eyes on every parcel, the support is usually quick to answer and help in case of any queries or glitches than logistics support.

Live Tracking:

Customers can easily find out where their goods are due to the transparency offered by courier companies. This can be in the form of virtually tracking its trajectory or receiving live updates at every stage.

Same-Day Delivery:

Customers get a near-accurate estimate on the delivery date which can most times be as less as a single day. With revolutionary services like Kuuka, where customers get allotted a courier in real-time, deliveries can be fulfilled within same-hour too.


Cost of delivery usually depends on the distance than on the weight since it does not make a difference if the package being delivered weights 1kg or 10kg.

When does your Business need a Courier Service?

If your business has a need to track every parcel or every material sent out or coming in when you need to make sure your items reach wherever they need to go and on time, when you need the highest security and most stringent scrutiny then you might hire a courier company to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Kuuka focuses on each individual package and monitors its delivery, which is what our customers prefer for peace of mind. Our service comes with a guarantee of safety at a highly competitive price. Our customers rely on us because of our excellent security, stellar customer support and our easy, real-time tracking feature. Visit or contact Kuuka for more information today.