An express delivery & courier service for every occasion.

Hello, we are Kuuka.

With time of the essence, everyone wants everything done instantly. Founded in 2017, Kuuka is a revolutionized, last-mile delivery service, boldly bringing the trend of instant to the field of logistics.

Whether you are an individual waiting for an urgent parcel or a business that thrives on super-fast product deliveries, whatever it is that you wish to deliver, pick-up or move, we are here to do it within the same day for you.

With us, you don’t just get the promise of speed, our courier service is reliable, simple and most importantly affordable.

Our vision

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, Kuuka aims to disrupt urban logistics with speed, ease and efficiency that has never been seen before.

How We Work

Here’s What Efficiency Looks Like
Step 1
Request a Delivery

Customer requests delivery of specified dimensions from point A to B.

Step 2
Pick up

Courier is picked based on the vehicle requirement and their location.

Step 3

Parcel is delivered within a record time to the requested address.

Tell us

what you want delivered, and where.

We will get it there.

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